I’ve been shooting for over fifteen years now, starting with my high school yearbook, but it wasn’t until my father bought me my first digital SLR that I really became passionate… obsessed even… about photography. With a collection of Pentax DSLRs and lenses I began to photograph the world around me as I wanted to remember it. Good friends, strangers, concerts, some travel, some pets.

The second stage of my journey came when a roommate, Jeff Woods, became interested in off-camera strobe lighting. We lived in a house that frequently hosted concerts in the living room, giving me the perfect opportunity to shoot a lot of live music in my own controlled environment. www.trepid.org/events/houseshows/photos.

Lately, I’ve sold all of the Pentax equipment and switched to Nikon… mostly because of the demands of paid work. Recently I’ve added to the growing number of camera bags a Nikon N80 film body and Bronica ETRS with MC 75/1.8 and MC 40/4.

I am available as a photographer for weddings, events and portraits and am always up for trying exciting new things! Please feel free to contact me.

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