Andrew and Erin’s Wedding – Waterloo Park Grist Mill and Victoria Park Pavillion

It’s hard not to gush about Andrew and Erin. Andrew and Erin are great people with great friends and great family. Andrew and Erin are two of the kindest and most considerate people I have ever met. Andrew and Erin threw a fantastic wedding last month and I (and Mike) had the privilege of being their photographer. Andrew and Erin pretty much ARE Waterloo and it will be sad to see them move on to other places after their extended honeymoon.

Here are a few highlights from the wedding, keeping in mind that they will be seeing these for the first time (internet access is spotty in the nooks and crannies that they’re visiting). So, enjoy! And Andrew and Erin, there will be plenty more to see when you get back 🙂

Andrew+Erin_Small-421 Andrew+Erin_Small-43 Andrew+Erin_Small-29 Andrew+Erin_Small-81 Andrew+Erin_Small-82 Andrew+Erin_Small-93 Andrew+Erin_Small-95 Andrew+Erin_Small-100 Andrew+Erin_Small-107 Andrew+Erin_Small-113 Andrew+Erin_Small-120 Andrew+Erin_Small-124 Andrew+Erin_Small-135  Andrew+Erin_Small-184 Andrew+Erin_Small-244 Andrew+Erin_Small-255 Andrew+Erin_Small-341 Andrew+Erin_Small-345 Andrew+Erin_Small-418 Andrew+Erin_Small-363 Andrew+Erin_Small-364 Andrew+Erin_Small-571 Andrew+Erin_Small-581

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