David and Miranda’s Wedding – Belwood Lake

David and Miranda are wonder people. Their love for each other shines through in everything they do from their infectious laughter to their adorable dancing. Needless to say, they put together a fantastic day!DavidMirandaWedding-1 DavidMirandaWedding-2 DavidMirandaWedding-3 DavidMirandaWedding-4 DavidMirandaWedding-5 DavidMirandaWedding-6 DavidMirandaWedding-7 DavidMirandaWedding-8 DavidMirandaWedding-9 DavidMirandaWedding-10 DavidMirandaWedding-11 DavidMirandaWedding-12 DavidMirandaWedding-13 DavidMirandaWedding-14 DavidMirandaWedding-15 DavidMirandaWedding-16 DavidMirandaWedding-17 DavidMirandaWedding-18 DavidMirandaWedding-19 DavidMirandaWedding-20 DavidMirandaWedding-21 DavidMirandaWedding-22 DavidMirandaWedding-23 DavidMirandaWedding-24 DavidMirandaWedding-25 DavidMirandaWedding-26 DavidMirandaWedding-27 DavidMirandaWedding-28 DavidMirandaWedding-29 DavidMirandaWedding-30 DavidMirandaWedding-31 DavidMirandaWedding-32 DavidMirandaWedding-33 DavidMirandaWedding-34 DavidMirandaWedding-35 DavidMirandaWedding-36 DavidMirandaWedding-37 DavidMirandaWedding-38 DavidMirandaWedding-39 DavidMirandaWedding-40


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