“Vintage Faded” Look

Lately I’ve been playing with a “vintage faded” editing technique, where I push the shadows and pull the highlights so they clip early. Combined¬† with a bit of cross-processing using the new RGB curves in Lightroom 4, I’m getting close to a look I’m happy with.

Mitzy in Parc Lafontaine

I’m finding that the RBG curve tool is extremely sensitive… moving a point on the curve has a strong impact on the image. When focusing on a single image there’s no problem. When trying to batch convert or save a generic preset I find that a curve that looks great on one image looks terrible on another.¬† Maybe I should create a series of curve presets with increasing strength.

Sludge Lagoon

Here are a few more shots. Thoughts? Is this look successful?

Faded Leaves

Mitzy's Contessamat

Ark Analogue